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Russell Mulcahy also makes great use of the tight confines of the hospital’s warren of storage rooms and hallways to make for grittier, up-close fights that eliminate a lot of the werewolf hopping around in favor of slashing claws and being bashed with things. The effective division of the cast into separate groups also makes the show pretty easy to follow. Derek and Jennifer are together; Scott, Stiles, and Peter are together; Allison, Argent, and Isaac are together (and I really wish that Isaac and Allison would get together together, because they’re my newest Teen Wolf ship). It’s an episode with a lot of stuff happening concurrently, but it stays pretty easy to follow and the energy doesn’t really flag. Despite the darkness, or perhaps because of it, Teen Wolf is a very good-looking show, and the creature effects have improved since last season thanks to a renewed emphasis on latex work rather than CGI. Jennifer’s mangled Darach face is especially impressive.

I’d also like to give credit to Jeff Davis for the way they handled the issue of Derek’s dead teenage girlfriend Paige and her relationship to Jennifer. I was afraid that they would take the easy route and make Jennifer Blake the late Paige, somehow surviving her injuries to become an avenger of sorts against Derek and werewolf kind, or maybe she survives her injuries and comes running back to Derek. Giving Jennifer a back story with Kali as Kali’s pack adviser and someone she loved too much to kill, while tying Jennifer’s survival from her injuries to the moment when Derek killed Paige in the root cave, is a great way to make the character complicated without taking the easiest way out. It humanizes the least human of the Alpha pack and it’s not the solution I expected, so I approve wholeheartedly.

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US Correspondent Ron Hogan was very amused by finding out Beacon Hills has a neighboring town called Hill Valley. Makes me hope that once upon the 80’s a time-traveling werewolf invented rock and roll. Find more by Ron daily at Shaktronics and PopFi.

Suffice to say that Knightmare Live is a slightly different prospect to the esteemed televisual feast that CITV broadcast from 1987 to 1994, but nonetheless a massively entertaining one. Almost as if Mystery Science Theatre 3000 decided that commenting on films wasn’t enough, and that they had to go and make Troll 4.

What we have is a stage version of the TV show, which comes with its own limitations. However, despite this it’s a faithful replication of the gameplay, with one player donning the Helmet of Justice and a knapsack before entering the dungeons. Two comedians (in this case, Matthew Highton and Jessica Fostekew) act as his guides. It is at this point that Den of Geek has realised that Treguard borrowed his pen to give to Matthew Highton and didn’t give it back. (Ooh) Nasty.

The game works very well in a live context, with the packed-out audience revelling in every catchphrase archly dropped, every near-escape from a goblin, or every time Treguard pointed out an original prop from the show. On entrance, about sixty percent of people who walked past the Helm of Justice gave it a stroke, and thirty percent of them emitted a joyous gurgle.